About Me




   Im Ashiko Westguard- A Model, and actress  born in Ontario, Canada. Certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) aspiring to help others transform their lives while on a quest to understand mine. 

   My mother is from the Czech Republic, she immigrated to Canada in the late 60's as a political refugee. My father is Norwegian, Canadian born. I grew up in a household with 3 sisters and parents with cultures that clashed resulting in an early childhood divorce. The separation was difficult to process, forcing me into maturing at a young age. While dealing with the harsh reality at 10, I ended up living in  Germany with my Aunt and Uncle for a year.

   During my early childhood I was behind in education, which led me to finding freedom through the arts. I always wanted to be an actress, realizing now why. I was able to become someone else. Acting played a major role for me in High School. During this time I struggled with school and keeping my grades high while dealing with my father's heart condition. At times I struggled to be happy, to dream and to believe in myself. Instead of going to collage for performing arts I decided to try to pursue modeling as my younger sister was already doing it. I was told that I would never travel, and that I was too short. But that didn't stop me. During that time I battled a severe eating disorder and suffering from an addiction to ephedrine which was the only way to keep my weight down. After loosing friends and losing my father, not long after to a heart attack and the possibility of my dream of modeling I knew I had to find myself and that fire in me I had lost. After a few years of going back and forth and coming out of denial, I slowly started recovering.  A milestone and determining factor to this was the role that health and fitness played in my life.

    I've modeled in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Paris, London, Spain, Denmark and New York etc. Having worked for major brands like Lancome, Loreal, Garner, Redkin, Jones New York, Coca Cola, Revlon, Buffalo Jeans, Levi's, Calvin Klein etc. Amongst having done many TV commercials both national and worldwide for Axe deodorant, Sony, Honda, Nikon, Target, Old Spice, Cafè Royal etc. 

   In the midst of modeling I started pursuing acting again, which lead me to moving to Vancouver, Canada where I started booking smaller roles on TV shows. Torn between modeling and taking the time to grow an acting career, I was torn by agents and contracts. While spending time in Toronto, Canada I started to pull away from the traveling and focused on auditions, and studying while working for local catalog/advertising clients on the side in order to be able and support myself.

   After working on a Union Indie film "A Dark Matter" I decided to follow my early childhood dream and move to Los Angeles. I've been living in Los Angeles for the last 7 years pursuing modeling and acting. What I didn't expect, was for all my unresolved trauma to rise to the surface. I was encouraged to take the  time to reassess my life, and work on myself while pursuing my career diving deep into Psychology and self improvement workshops. My mentor at the time had told me I would not be able to live my life to it's full potential if I did not take the time to do the work NOW. When I decided to look beyond acting and modeling and by taking a good look at the mistakes I've made in the past and utilizing the darkest moments to find inspiration, I allowed myself to heal and was able to find that motivation through exercise and mentoring.

    I'm very excited for this new chapter! I am even more excited that I am able to share my life and journey with you. With the hopes that it will inspire you and bring you comfort. For so long I've been ashamed and have hidden parts of myself and life but what I've come to realize, that it's by being open, connected and honest I am able to really help others. To change the footprint we leave behind for the next generation.  I'm bringing all the things I love into one place as controversial as they may be. Talking about trails and triumphs, love and lose, body image and well-being. Fitness plays a major role in my life and what keeps me feeling strong and grounded. Coming from a family where both my parents have suffered heart attacks in there 60's has made me take my  health more seriously understanding pre genetics, nutrition and  fitness to help prevent chronic diseases.  I want to help others transform their lives by sharing mine. 

Thank you for following me on this journey!