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Hey guy’s,

There’s something that’s been on my mind for a while that I wanted to talk about: supplements. Supplements can be quit effective, but if you want genuine results that will last, you have to give yourself time. While that timeline varies from person to person, with the right trainer and program, you can truly reap the benefits on supplements. If you’re new to my blog, just know Im all about evolving, owning your journey, and living a healthy life!

My journey of finding myself through fitness and nutrition has evolved into studying exercise science and working towards my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I defintely remember moments in my life when I felt insecure with my body, and lacked patience to achieve authentic genuine results. With all the knowledge I’ve gained about bio energetics, the nervous and muscular system I’ve realize how misguided I had been. I’ve applied this newfound knowledge to my own personal training sessions and have seen the results.

I’ve made it my mission to be natural, and to always offer you the truth. I don’t believe in thermals or anything that will alter your body. What happens afterwards? What organs have you depleted? Have you become reliant on something that doesn't offer you permanent results?

A few years ago a girlfriend of mine, who trained regularly and looked amazing suggested taking thermals to minimize body fat and help build more muscle. I tried it, but after my heart rate became so elevated and skin grew irritated, I stopped immediately. I remember opening the black capsule to understand what was inside. I realized I had no idea what dyes and materialist actually contained.

I am so enjoying learning and applying exercise science to my own body before sharing it with you. There are exercises I swear by, along with a rich nutrient based diet incorprating lean proteins and controlled amounts of natural supplements. One product I found works well for me is Glutmaine, which is the most abundant amino acid in the blood. It’s a building block of protein, and is involved in the immune function of intestinal health. Glutamine also limits muscle breakdown and decreases your soreness after a work out.

Before taking anything ask yourself, “Why?”… What are the side effect, and what does your future look like without it? Is anything really worth the potential damage to your organs?

Thanks so much for taking your time read this. I hope you have a fit and healthy day!


A special thank you to Emma Zander, my dear friend.

Photographer: Michael Cruz