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14,505 Elevation 22 miles, Mount Whitney

Hey guys! Im so excited to share this weekend’s journey with you. Im finally climbing Mount Whitney. California’s tallest mountain with an elevation of 14,505 feet. After much preparation, the day has finally come. Am I ready? I go back and forth lol But overall yes, I am. I think it’s good to have a little fear in the unknown, after all it’s Mother Nature and a lot can change when you’re navigating in the mountains.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been putting together all my gear. With the temperatures being below freezing it’s been a challenge knowing what to pack and how to dress. With the help of friends, my hiking partner and the amazing sales associates at REI Im ready to go.

This has been such an amazing learning experience. I feel like this will test myself and help me have a better understanding how the human body and central nervous system will react to the climate changes along with the drastic elevation and intense anaerobic hike of 22 miles .

The photo above is most of the gear I’ll be taking. From Smart Wool base layers. Athleta pants, Patagonia vest and locking in the warmth with an REI Magma 850 Down. The Arc’teryx Traverse jacket is both wind and waterproof with Gortex technology. Carbon Fibre tracking poles, head lamp and micro spikes. It’s expected there will be snow at the top, the micro spikes will definitely help keep is safe. I’ll also be taking a North face hat and APEX Gloves along with a few other things.

What I hope most is that I inspire you to do things you thought you couldn’t. If you told me a few years ago one day I would be studying sports medicine and climbing mountains I would smile and brush it off… I dare you to challenge yourself with something that makes you feel alive. Something you thought you couldn’t do or better yet something others told you, you couldn’t do.

Thank you so much for being part of my journey!