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Dragon Fruit- Superfood Spotlight

With it’s bold bright pink color and being a mix of flavor between a kiwi and pear what’s not to love about a dragon Fruit smoothie bowl?! Im always looking for ways to brighten up my day’s. Working long hours, normally a 16 hour day and training both my clients and self food is my fuel! Packed with antioxidants , fibre and tons of vitamins Dragon Fruit is similar to Acai. You can always add protein to the mix. I like adding isolated whey. It’s refined and has more of the fats and lactose carbs removed and has a higher protein percentage which is absorbed more quickly!

Here’s what you”ll need;

  1. 1 frozen pack of Pitaya Plus organic dragon fruit

  2. 1/2 frozen banana

  3. 1 cup almond milk (add more for desired consistency) Watching those calories? Substitute with water.

  4. Ice

  5. 1 scoop isolated whey protein powder

Now blend everything together!

Here’s the fun part, TOPPINGS!!

  • Organic hemp seeds

  • Organic blackberries

  • Organic gogi berries

  • Organic almond butter

How are you going to fuel your day’s?


Say yes to nature's CHOCOLATE!

Hey guys! I wanted to share one of my favorite protein bowls with you, loaded with flavor, crunch and … CHOCOLATE! It’s easy to make and so much fun. Once you have all the ingredients you’ll be able to custom design your own bowls or interchangeably use them for cooking and baking.

We all heard ab’s require work…well they do! A healthy and consistent diet along with regular sweat sessions at the gym focusing on core strength and conditioning. If you’re like me and love food and life then finding the right post workout snacks that do most of the work are key.

Here’s what you’ll need!

  1. Chocolate protein powder, I prefer isolated Whey protein but feel free to use what you’re comfortable with. If you have any questions about picking protein feel free to send me an email. I would love to help you out.

  2. 1/2 frozen banana

  3. Ice

  4. 1 cup almond milk, or coconut water. Cutting back on calories? Feel free to use some filtered water.

  5. 1 cup frozen mango’s…. yes! Mango’s it will help thicken your mixture. If you’re not into into throw in a whole frozen banana…. feeling wild, add some frozen berries.

  6. I wanted to share with you something that I add to my post workout smoothies, Glutamine. Glutamine is an important amino acid and is a building block of protein. It will help you with muscle recovery reducing potential soreness along with lean muscle mass. Make sure you do research before taking any supplement to make sure it’s right for you. And do your research on brands and dosage.

    And Vou La, now blend together!

    Here’s the fun part, TOPPINGS!

  1. Sweetened Cacao Nibs, if you’re new to nibs here’s the inside scoop. It’s nature’s dark chocolate chips, contains antioxidants and wait better yet… Drum roll please, for 1 tsp it’s 25 calories and 1.5g of fat!! Not into sweetened… you’re brave, opt for the unsweetened nibs.

  2. Unsweetened Carob Chips… Not familiar with them? First things first, for 1 tbsp it’s 70 calories and 3.5 grams of fat and 8 carbs. Carob chips are made from the pod of the carob tree, a small Mediterranean shrub.

  3. Toasted coconut flakes. I buy them raw and toast them myself.

  4. Toasted Almond slices. Again I toast my own. Make sure to keep your eye on them… they toast quickly!

Im so excited for you guys to get creative and have some fun with healthy food. I would love to see what you create, please snap a pic and send it my way!