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Earth Candy- Sourcing Natural Ingredients, Health Benefits

As you many of you already know life simply inspires me. Living in LA can be incredible at the same time time while becoming an entrepreneur in the fitness/ wellness industry it can be taxing, having to re-center myself daily while going back to nature’s source for daily Inspo. From colors to textures, traveling, fitness and natural remedies. I love having a cabinet full of yummy go to’s in my kitchen that reminds me of our roots, literally lol. Having natural products you can throw on just about anything to spice things up.

Being in my 30’s Im always trying to take the best care of myself and starting within. Life as a personal trainer and blogger can be really physically demanding. From really early mornings to engaging my mind and body in my work. The backend which not many see is another beast. From programming, studying, creating and training it’s a mental game and being alert and focused can really dictate my success.

Turmeric has scientifically proven health benefits. From preventing Alzheimer’s and Cancer. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis. Maca powder known to boost and improve energy while reducing blood pressure and fighting free radicals. Figs which are good source of fibre and calcium while also helps with lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels and blueberries being the king of antioxidant helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Cacao Nibs not only add’s that delicious chocolaty taste and crunchy texture but again packed with antioxidants, magnesium and. natural source that act’s as a mood enhancer. Of course we can’t forget Açaí Berries another source of antioxidants used the base. I used Sambazon Acai frozen individual packets ready to blend with your favorite fruits and veggies.

Next time you’re at the supermarket make sure to stock up on healthy go to’s that you can use interchangeably in your recipes. It’s always fun to discover new things while getting all the benefits!


Dear Diary... "Honesty"

A few years ago I was involved in a highly toxic relationship which anchored me to the feeling of worthlessness. It wasn’t a foreign feeling either. With both physical and emotional abuse present, I chose to keep it. He didn’t mean to do it, he wasn’t in the right frame of mind, he loves me… I’ll heal and we can go back to how things were or better yet I pressured him, it’s my fault. I had ever excuse in the book. It was in my nature to do anything to just go back to how things were even if it wasn’t healthy but I could manage it. I would compartmenatilze constantly as it temporarily went away, and came back like a bad dream.

I was confused and felt victim, after all it was done to me. I had a choice to leave or stay. I stayed. I always wanted to feel loved, coming from a broken home it’s what I’ve craved and being in a relationship with a highly emotional recovering addict made me feel secure. Can any of you relate? All I ever wanted was to feel validated…needed. I get asked often what’s my “why”. To share my life and journey with you, in hopes I can help you, bring you comfort, teach you or inspire you to take control of your life to do the work and put yourself front and center of your issues. I wish for no one to experience what I have. I wish for no one to feel what I do and have. And I want to share with you the growth and beauty from over coming tragedy to let you know there is a bright light at the end. You can not rewrite what was but you sure can try everyday to make a change and be that change but you have to do the work.

I decided to go down a different path in life, after slowly rebuilding my self worth non which was done by looking in a mirror and saying “I love you” rather saying what I saw. I developed true compassion for myself during 2 years spent in self improvement workshops, it was then that I had some profound discoveries. I started to fall in love with myself, wanting to protect myself, make myself happy. I was ready to start living for me… and so my journey began as I emerged myself in nature reflecting and rebuilding my min, body and soul.



Empowering Humanity With Northern Fashion

Less than a year ago I entered a new chapter in my life, fueled by the desire to connect and break down the walls we put up… I put up. I want others to see us for who we truly are, where we come from and the aspirations we have. After realigning my values and more importantly sticking by them I soon made the decision to change careers after modeling for 16 years to study sports medicine. During my studies I developed a passion for the outdoors, hiking. While hiking long distance trails and camping in freezing temps, I guess you can say I discovered and learned more about myself more than I had. I’ve teamed up with Northern Fashion, a brand that supports woman and girl’s to stand tall and raise their voice. Northern Fashion is a brand that believes we have the power and the resources at our disposal more than ever before, and encourages woman to take control of the narrative and language used to describe us int he workplace at school and beyond. The T-Shirts can be found at the market at Macy’s in 12 Oaks Mall, and also online at! With so many cute statement’s, from emotional to passionate, bossy to being a leader. We have to stick together, teach each other and more importantly support each other.

Make sure to get your T-Shirt and tag @ashikowestguard for a repost!

Thank you so much guys for all your continued love and support! I feel it ;)



Dear Friends,

I have some exciting news that I’ve wanted to share with you for some time now, but wanted to get my official certificate in hand first (which got lost in the mail and after getting it reprinted, I finally got it, and no, it wasn’t just a dream). Im so excited to share that Im officially a NASM certified personal trainer! For those of you that don’t know what that means, the National Academy of Sports Medicine is thought by many to be the top certification available through the national accredited agencies, and a world leader in fitness certification. It feels like a dream come true.

I started studying end of August last year. After purchasing the guided study and turning in work each week. I began to fall behind and had to go at my own pace. Which was hard for me to accept, but one of the best things I could have done. During that time I went through a break-up, moved, climbed mountains (literally and figuratively!), studied, worked, trained. I wrote my exam December 14th, 4 months after studying an obscene amount of work… I found out immediately that I passed. I had tears of joy… I felt relieved and accomplished. Most people study 6 months to a year for their exam with prior knowledge of exercise science. I had none… I was so stressed, and by this time overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I was trying to retain daily. The night before I the exam, I actually forgot most of what I had studied. I quickly googled “Is it possible to study too much and forget everything” Of course there was an answer and naturally all the things I didn’t want to hear were possible!!

I have such a hard time giving myself credit (maybe you can relate?) I’ve done more in the last 7 months then the last few years, and always feel there’s more I can do. There’s moments like this where I stop and actually look at what I’ve done, and overcome— and I have to admit that Im proud of who I am and who I’ve become. I’ve been listening to motivational podcasts, and one that stood out to me said “I dare you to work on yourself for 6 months… I dare you to shut out the world, shut out all the distractions, I dare you to give up everything that’s keeping you from your dream. Write down what you need to do, to make a better life for yourself, learn something new” … And so I did, I trained, studied, worked and hiked in freezing temps so that I could become a knowledgable trainer that could help change peoples lives. Through passion, education, motivation and functional training, I soon found my niche. I’d like to take this time to say thank you to Eylene Pirez for being such an inspiration and such strong women.

But as we know life keeps moving forward and we have to keep creating new goals. So it’s time to change what I have written on those dry erase boards and take that knowledge with me.

Thank you so much for all your love, understanding, support and emails. I promise to get back to each and every one of them.



It's all about the climb

   Outdoor rock climbing is something I've always been drawn to. It's the idea of an adventure  in the great outdoors, becoming closer with mother nature and all her elements. It's the thrill of the climb to  reach the top of a mountain and take in a view of a life time.  I've always wanted  to learn to climb and today I finally did it, starting with indoor rock climbing.

    I went to Strong Hold Climbing Gym  located in  Los Angeles and was guided by Brian Spiegel, an expert rock climber. The building where the gym is located is pretty special-- it was designated a Los Angeles Historical  Cultural Monument in 1988. Once a steam power plant in 1904, the building was designed by John Parkinson (the architect also responsible for many of LA iconic structures from that era, including City Hall, and Union Station). There Brian taught me the fundamentals of indoor rock climbing.

    I learned everything from the gear I would need (harness, and shoes), to how to safely tie myself in the harness with the top rope and how to check that it would withstand. I learned that climbs are ranked from 5.0 to 5.15. I started on the 5.5 which was allot of fun! Eventually moving to the 5.8 climb, I learned a few more  techniques that become useful, from pivoting your feet to rotating your hips into the wall and pushing your way up with your legs rather then pulling yourself up with your hands. Climbing requires stabilization and neuromuscular coordination. It's a great sources of exercise, building muscle endurance  and flexibility. It does require you to be in good shape. So make sure you asses a few health risk factors before trying something new. Build your way up to climbing working on stabilization of the core, flexibility and correct posture moving into muscular endurance, improving overall work capacity to ensure you can get to the top safely. I can't wait to keep climbing and learning with the end goal to take it outdoors and go on an adventure of a lifetime!

I hope you'll come with me!