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Entering a new chapter... blogging

   Have you come to a point in your life when you realize you just might  have out grown your original childhood  dream? The one  that has kept you alive, inspired you and kept you trenching on through your most challenging moments?  It was a dark yet liberating time for me.  I've been modeling and acting for the last 14 years growing up in Canada now living in Los Angeles stuck in the same dream unsure how to alter it. Scared and falling into the darkness of failure, the darkness of all the voices I've encountered telling me to give up, you're not pretty enough, you're not tall enough, you have too many issues. After taking the last 2 years  to understand and reconnect with myself diving deep into self discovery I grasped the idea that I was evolving. That my needs had  shifted. That I was healing from traumatic events, which would alter my soul and shift me into lightness.  Im finally becoming one with the idea it's ok to grow. To reassess my dreams and give myself permission to dream up new ones, and so I have inspired to build upon them. In a society and industry so unforgiving, untruthful and harsh I felt alone. Seeking truth, connection, love and inspiration. I felt the need to connect and share my stories, my love, my thoughts and my dreams with you. To encourage others to be open and allow themselves to be seen for who they are so we can lift each other up  and gently encourage others with our lives.

Have  you ever  felt you out grew your dreams? I would love to hear about it!