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Empowering Humanity With Northern Fashion

Less than a year ago I entered a new chapter in my life, fueled by the desire to connect and break down the walls we put up… I put up. I want others to see us for who we truly are, where we come from and the aspirations we have. After realigning my values and more importantly sticking by them I soon made the decision to change careers after modeling for 16 years to study sports medicine. During my studies I developed a passion for the outdoors, hiking. While hiking long distance trails and camping in freezing temps, I guess you can say I discovered and learned more about myself more than I had. I’ve teamed up with Northern Fashion, a brand that supports woman and girl’s to stand tall and raise their voice. Northern Fashion is a brand that believes we have the power and the resources at our disposal more than ever before, and encourages woman to take control of the narrative and language used to describe us int he workplace at school and beyond. The T-Shirts can be found at the market at Macy’s in 12 Oaks Mall, and also online at! With so many cute statement’s, from emotional to passionate, bossy to being a leader. We have to stick together, teach each other and more importantly support each other.

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Thank you so much guys for all your continued love and support! I feel it ;)


33º47'59.99N, Day Hiking

   Even after years of living in Southern California, Im constantly amazed by the vast mountain ranges  that make up the beautiful backdrop to Los Angeles. This past weekend I got the chance to climb one of those mountains.  Mount San Jacinto!  I can't wait to share my whole experience with you in my next blog post. From intense preparation to challenges I encountered, to how the trip impacted me upon returning home... It was truly a fitness journey.

   It should always be a rule of thumb when training to always wear clothes that won't constrict you from any movement/not allow you to optimize the full range of joint motion. If you're not able to move around freely during intense physical challenges such as hiking,  you could possibly be overusing other muscles  -a dangerous phenomenon which is  referred to as Synergistic Dominance. You"ll  want to be able to have full use of your neuromuscular system, or you"ll end up compensating elsewhere leading to shortened and tight muscles. 

   With the weather being in the high 80's, I decided to wear the Koral, Knockout Jacquard Legging and Tax Galaxy Sports Bra (pictured to the right) while climbing. This set worked out great, as the fabric was super breathable. When descending the weather was in the low 50's so I definitely had to layer. Keeping in mind excessive sweating can cause dehydration. I picked the Koral Dash Jacket, which was very light, the Catcher Sports Bra and Scout Double Layer Short (pictured to the left) 

   As much as I love fashion I won't compromise my training for it, and neither should you! If your looking for comfortable and  stylish apparel these pieces should be perfect for you. 


Make sure to come back and checkout out my weekend hiking adventure! So happy I get to share all these moments with you.


In an athleisure day in age, there's Koral

       Hey guys!  Lately, workout clothes have been a huge topic amongst my girlfriends. So many feel if they just had cuter clothes for their sweat sesh, they would be more motivated to workout. As a women, I'll admit that  I also find myself  annoyed with putting on the same workout clothes time and time again. And with the booming market of fitness and athleisure, it make's sense that we want the latest trends. After all, it's 2018 and sporty leggings aren't just for the gym-- workout clothes have become a staple of our daily wardrobe. 

    I wanted to share with you one of my favorite go to athletic apparel brands, Koral! With so many brands on the market offering so many styles, this one stands out by far.  The pieces hold there shape and color even after multiple washes and wearing regularly. One of my pet peeves is when stitching starts to fall out and the fabric's elasticity starts to give. No one wants to get caught hiking up your sagging tights or re adjusting the top so things stay in place! Been there and done that.

   Whether you do cross fit, yoga, run or lift like myself Koral offers many sleek , fun styles!  Im wearing the Emblem Versatility Bra and Emblem Cropped Legging (pictured above).

Im curious if men are as particular about their workout clothes as women? I would love to hear everyone's feed back.!


Keeping it classic

   I saw her from a mile away, okay a couple feet and I had to sit in it! What girl doesn't appreciate a  good classic Porsche!? Growing up I remember seeing pictures of James Dean with his silver Porsche 550 Spider. He was the classic all American heart throb white t shirt and jeans that lived on the wild side. Sitting inside the Porsche I started to realize someone driving in this has to live without fear. rolling them. With the walls so thin, close to the ground and  completely exposed. I don't own of these but The Porsche 550 Spider is my dream car.  My Dad raced hydro planes before I was born,  he was Canada's champion in the 70's. I like to think there's a part of him in me that makes me want to drive fast and feel free. My staple wardrobe like James Dean would be a white tank and black jeans. Perfect for an afternoon cruise.

See you on the open road!