Wine country's hidden gem, Solvang


     California never  ceases to amaze me. With so many climate changes, landscapes  and tucked away charming town's, I had the pleasure to spend time in Solvang this past weekend. This idyllic small town is located in Southern California's Santa Ynez Valley with a populaiton of roughly 5,800 people . The drive through the countryside will set the tone for your trip: picturesque views of the roaming mountains, bright gold hills and blue skies.

   The town originally founded in 1911, built with love by Danish Americans to offer culture, history and more so community.  Along with many wineries and delicious wine tasting rooms, it's known for it's Danish style architecture. You'll feel like you stepped into a fairy tale, where time slows down as you stroll through the streets taking in the colorful shops and horse-lead trollies. Suddenly, I was back to my 11 year old self  living in Germany with my aunt and uncle. If your looking for a unique, nostalgic getaway,  just head  45 min north of Santa Barbra and Solvang awaits you!

I suggest a crisp glass of rosé while basking in the sun taking in the views!


photo credit: Aubrey Danielle/ Ashiko Westguard