Premium gym memberships are they worth it?

equinox pic.JPG

   Hey there! I wanted to talk to you about "premium gym memberships" and are they really worth that extra expense. I keep hearing allot of different feedback from friends. Some feel you can get the same workout from gym's like LA Fitness 24 hours etc instead of spending that extra bit at gym's like Equinox. Here's what I think. You need to do what makes YOU feel great. And If that means spending extra money on a premium gym membership then do it! Whatever gets you excited and motivated to workout! We all spend money daily on silly things like coffee, eating and drinking out, among many other things. Fitness and health is so important for your mind, body and soul. Of course it's really important to have a balance in life, and you know best what's for your budget. I believe your relationship with everything first starts with you. Make your health first priority, the rest will follow. I recently switched gyms and now train at Equinox. The facility  offers a wide range of classes and amenities. It's clean and  cosmetically appealing. There's also lots of friendly staff ready to help you out. And who doesn't like being greated by there first name ;) 

Have a great day and make your well-being priority!