Keeping it classic


   I saw her from a mile away, okay a couple feet and I had to sit in it! What girl doesn't appreciate a  good classic Porsche!? Growing up I remember seeing pictures of James Dean with his silver Porsche 550 Spider. He was the classic all American heart throb white t shirt and jeans that lived on the wild side. Sitting inside the Porsche I started to realize someone driving in this has to live without fear. rolling them. With the walls so thin, close to the ground and  completely exposed. I don't own of these but The Porsche 550 Spider is my dream car.  My Dad raced hydro planes before I was born,  he was Canada's champion in the 70's. I like to think there's a part of him in me that makes me want to drive fast and feel free. My staple wardrobe like James Dean would be a white tank and black jeans. Perfect for an afternoon cruise.

See you on the open road!